what is wrong with American Idol…

my web friend Rand wrote a great post about it over at his blog Rand’s Ramblings.

i can’t really say what has happened, but the show is crap this season.  no one is rolling out ANY creativity.  it’s basically just a big Karaoke contest. Crystal will probably win and right now Tim is putting together some decent performances, but there is NO MAGIC.  NO WOW FACTOR, but they’ve “had a lot of fun, because they thought it would be fun”

basically the winner of this season will be the next Taylor Hicks.


and next season when Simon leaves the show will die a slow painful death.  ratings will plummet and sponsors will bail.

at least  Seacrest has his radio career.

has Idol held on for too long?  is it time to bow out and go to the next thing?  people ask me why i still watch when it’s so sorry this season.  i guess i’m invested in the show.  i knew Kelly Clarkson would win season one.  i didn’t think Carrie Underwood was all that great (i have since repented of that as she is one of the best Idols EVER) i just look at all the careers launched by this show, (some who bowed out early are more successful than some of the winners) and think wow, what an opportunity?  what success?  Idol has been tweaked and run through the wringer, but the format has remained essentially the same, you get the votes, you get to stay.  the show has evolved somewhat, but i guess not enough to last more than 10 good seasons.

there have been bad seasons before, but this one is just a real stinker.

so i’ll say, “Idol, you better get it together.  Please stop the lipsynched group numbers, and get some people who can really sing with artistry.  That is all.”


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  1. Hahaha Soul Patrol! Every time I write something negative about Taylor Hicks there is one person that comes to my blog and bashes me for it, I find it hilarious.

    With Carrie, same here, I liked her and her voice but I didn’t see in her a great performer, she proved me wrong and even though she’s still a little static she’s great. I used to love Bo Bice that season.

    I can’t wait for X-Factor next year, much better show in my opinion, at least compared to what Idol has become.

    Thanks for the link. 🙂

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