something that really ticks me off…

is when there are two lanes of traffic that move down to one.  everyone has ample warning, there are signs and everything.  we all move over, but some jerkface in a luxury sedan or some soccer mom in a high dollar SUV just stays in the closing lane and then expects everyone to let them in at the last possible second.  HELLO MORON, THAT’S THE REASON TRAFFIC IS SLOWING DOWN!  IF YOU WOULD MOVE OVER WHEN YOU SAW THE SIGN, WE COULD ALL KEEP THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC GOING, BUT SINCE YOU ARE “BETTER THAN ALL OF US” I GUESS WE HAVE TO  LET YOU IN!

i’m serious. it makes me road rage/red faced angry.  it makes me want to say wirty dords.  and that is the case.  they cut because they feel they are, or where they have to be is more important than everyone else.  we really don’t have traffic problems in Lufkin (only around the middle school), but just today i was leaving a space for another car in the oncoming lane to turn, and an Escalade went around me and filled the space.  i was like you are kidding me.  if my kids hadn’t been with me, i may have been tempted to show them the middle finger of fellowship, but i didn’t.

and we wonder why kids push each other for places in line.  you only have to watch the car pick up line after school.  our children come by the me first mentality honestly because they see it every day.  entitlement and selfishness are learned traits.

now the real question, does it tick me off because i’m righteously indignant, i hate what i see in myself, or i’m jealous that they keep cutting and we keep letting them?


  1. When I lived in Houston..that guy was me. I wasn’t in a luxury sedan..wasn’t a soccer mom.. just driving my old Ford truck to work and I knew someone would let me in so why did I have to sit in that long line of cars…and if someone didn’t let me in I knew there would be a large dump truck or something that would not move forward at the same speed as the car in front of them and I’d jam my truck in front of them. It was just a part of the aggressive driving skills I picked up living in Houston. I moved to Beaumont.. it all went away.. even had friends that made fun of how patient I was on the street. Moved to Dallas a few years later and I never really got my mojo back.. driving in Dallas is nothing like Houston… they let you in when you use a turn signal in Dallas. It’s just a huge east Texas town (8 people let me change lanes during Dallas rush hour traffic yesterday..I mean I turned on my signal..they slowed down and let me in..and I was not using my offensive driving skills I had picked up in Houston…just trying to get over to exits etc..). As for now? My response to people who do that is…none. I’m in charge of me..not them. I’ve chosen to be the acceptor and user of the gifts of the spirit. I can’t control how others act but I can control how I respond. It keeps me from spoiling my heart and my soul. I’m not trying to be condescending or holier than thou.. I just know I CAN’T do that kind of thing..or I will be an ugly person.. I’ve been there and done that…not wanting to go back there again.

    Peace..(beyond all understanding} be with you..

  2. thanks Artie. i always try to yield to others. key word being try, but the last couple of days people have just made some boneheaded driving decisions and they have all been inside their “convenient Lexus cages” as Jon Foreman writes. it just feels like entitlement and i hate it. maybe because i see it in me. thanks for the comment, and for being a laid back friendly driver.

  3. Ahh, Chuck, one of my favorite subjects. On my best days I stare and grumble at these impatient transgressors. On my worst days I manipulate my car into a position to block as much road as possible with the intent of stopping these people or forcing them to pass in the ditch. I get over the anger quick but it drives me batty.

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