if you had one shot….

to make a record and you could have anyone play, sing on or produce that record, who would you choose?

here are my choices


1. Jack White

2. Aaron Sprinkle

3. Sir George Martin

4. Brian Eno

5. The Neptunes


1. John Mayer

2. The Edge

3. James Taylor

4. Michael Gungor


1. Abraham Laboriel

2. Flea

3. Pino Palladino

4. Victor Wooton


1. Steve Gadd

2. Rich Redmond

3. Steve Jordan

4.Dave Grohl

5. Animal from the Muppets (honorable mention)


1. Stevie Wonder

2. Matt Bellamy (could also double on guitar)

3. Chase Jenkins


1. Sara Groves

2. Marc Martel (from Downhere)

3. Leeland Mooring

4. Sandra McCracken


1. Jack White

2. Jon Foreman

3. Charlie Peacock

4. Robbie Seay

5. David Crowder

who would you pick?  just for the record, i would be perfectly happy to just record an album. so if you have a studio and want to help me improve my songs and play on my record (Robbie Seay, David Crowder)  leave a comment.


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