i got the opportunity…

to worship with Audrey Assad at the recreate conference in February.  we were all especially enamored with a song that she and Matt Maher had co-written called “Restless”

fast forward to yesterday.  i saw on twitter that her debut album had released.  so i went and downloaded it from itunes.  obviously went right to “Restless” to see what they had done in the way of arrangement and production.  it was beautiful as i expected.

then i began to delve into the rest of the album.  typically on a debut album there are a few clunkers, you know those songs that were just thrown on to make sure we had ten tracks, not so here.  the songs are rich and vibrant.  the lyrics and melody are soaked with the Spirit.  i was able to worship just listening.  Audrey’s amazing voice soars above the mostly piano driven tracks.  she has such a command of these songs.  the arrangements and instrumentation are so well done.  kudos to Audrey and the producers.  the mix is amazing and just further enhances these wonderful songs.

i would encourage you to go and get this album.  if not for the sheer musicianship and production than for the wonderful spirit of worship that overwhelms the record.


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