so after i posted yesterday…

i did a little more reading of the passage from Colossians 1 in some other translations and found this tidbit in the notes of “The Voice”

As Paul gives thanks to God-a normal thing to do in a letter-he remembers a hymn he heard in the churches.  The Colossian hymn (verses 15-20), as we call it, is all about Jesus, the Liberating King.  It celebrates His reign, first as the Creator and Sustainer of the cosmos and second as the head of the church and the One who reconciles every broken thing to God by what He accomplished on the cross.  In this hymn, the story of redemption is a witness to God’s love.  Paul wants the Colossians to understand who they are, but to do that, they must first know to whom they belong.

being that i’m a musician, songs usually speak to me more than other mediums, so i guess that’s why that passage resonated with me.  it’s a hymn.


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