if you know me at all…

you would know that i’ve got a new found love for Premiere League Football.  i’ve like soccer for a while, but this year we got Fox Soccer Channel on our cable plan and of course the World Cup heightens the soccer sensation.

i’ve had a favorite side for a while and that would be Manchester United.  and in spite of his dismal World Cup showing, my favorite player is still Wayne Rooney.

this guy is full of piss and vinegar and he is the archetypal striker in the Premiere League.  he was the youngest player to score a goal at age 16 for Everton and made his debut with the Red Devils at 18.  i love the way he plays. there is a vengeance and a urgency to his pace.  here is a video of his goals from last year.  there are some amazing plays he makes here.  i love at 1:00 into the video, he schools two defenders and nutmegs the back and the keeper from Tottenham.

he is absolutely tenacious.  he fights through traffic and just kills it.  he can also score from distance.  i’m sure he’ll be thrilling the fans at Old Trafford for years to come.


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