so as i continued my reading today…

i ran across this prayer in Ephesians chapter 3 and thought i would share it.

Father, out of Your honorable and glorious riches, strengthen Your people.  Fill their souls with the power of Your Spirit so that through faith the Liberating King will reside in their hearts.  May love be the rich soil where their lives take root. May it be the bedrock where their lives are founded so that together with all of Your people they will have the power to understand that the love of the Liberator is infinitely long, wide, high, and deep, surpassing everything anyone previously experienced.  God, may Your fullness flood through their entire beings

Paul prays this prayer on behalf of the church, and then ends this chapter with a benediction.  the book still has 3 more chapters, but this is a brilliant doxology he adds here at the end of this prayer.  it has a promiselike amen to it.

Now, to the God who can do so many awe-inspiring things, immeasurable things, things greater than we ever could ask or imagine through the power at work in us, to Him be all glory in the church and in Jesus, the Liberating King, from this generation to the next, forever and ever. Amen.

that just gave me chills as i read it and felt the power of Paul’s prayer and benediction over Christ’s church.  same power today as it had back then.


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