so my wife is hilarious…

she might be the funniest person i know.  she’s just naturally funny. she gets more comments on 3 word Facebook post than i do on a well crafted blog that i spent a few days on.  i’m not jealous of this by the way.  i love this about her.  i love it when people say Amy is soooo funny.

she used to blog, but when the shift away from myspace and onto facebook occurred, it seemed quick hits and comments worked better for her.  occasionally she uses twitter, (she goes by @chickazooloo to my @chuckazooloo) but typically her wittiness is reserved for her FB status updates.

most of it is just her life.  we have 4 children and then of course she has to deal with me.  she teaches elementary school where some of the best quips come from.

i guess mostly, Amy just loves life. i love that she surrounds herself with rich relationships with a diverse group of people.  she finds joy and life in everything.  i’m so thankful to have her in my life.  she makes me laugh and gives me the opportunity to attempt to be funny, although she typically doesn’t laugh with me as much as at me.  (a bonus is she’s pretty easy on my eyes)

she does have one more thing.  a “mini me” in training.

but i’ll save a post about Karson, our funny child, for another day.



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