homerun thought…

Pete Wilson hit this one clean out of the stadium!!!


I think sometimes we miss it in the church because we pay so much attention to our words instead of our environments.

Environments are more powerful than words, no matter how carefully those words are crafted.

For instance, if you attend a church, we all know that the most carefully crafted message of the week is the “sermon.”  But this law of communication says that over time sermon truth will lose out to environmental truth when the two conflict. Therefore, if your church teaches forgiveness, yet your environment is critical and blaming, then church members learn alienation rather than reconciliation. If your church teaches the importance of community, yet your environment is unfriendly and uncaring then church members learn apathy rather than concern.

So our work in church is to ensure that our church environments align and conform to, rather than conflict with, our well intentioned messages.


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