wonderful thought…

I think we have to be clear when we’re talking about the metanarrative to never lose sight of what the real good news is here: that Christ’s death on the cross, His payment for our sins, His resurrection – that’s the genesis of the Good News. The metanarrative is what helps make that story more coherent, though. When we only talk about the fact that somebody’s a sinner, that they’re fallen, and we start the story there, and that through Christ they can get redemption — and then oh, by the way, your role is to get as many people to make that decision so you can all spend the afterlife together — it’s not a very coherent story in a post-Christian setting where you have pretty intellectual people who are pretty thoughtful and well-read, and they’re just not buying into something that sounds a bit fantastical. And it’s not that none of that is true. It’s actually all true. But it becomes way more coherent when you start the story understanding that every human being is made in the image of God and that the fall corrupted that, and that once we’re redeemed through Christ we have the opportunity to help people understand that story and understand what restoration looks like in their relationship with God, their Creator, and also in relationship to the world and the work that God wants to do through the Holy Spirit’s power to constantly be reconciling all things to Him in this world.

Gabe Lyons


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