you can’t have one without the other….

Rob Bell’s latest video series intrigues me.  i’ve only seen snippets, and this one segment stuck out to me.

he’s talking to preachers, but i think that it can apply to anyone who teaches or leads worship as well.

When you preach a fresh word, sometimes it’s so far ahead of where people are that you open yourself up to:

misinterpretation and confusion and anger and ignorance and fear and jealousy and opinions and evaluation and critique and agendas and baggage and convictions and projections and

the possiblity of

truth and light and hope and repentance and desire and compassion and longing and revolution and confession and inspiration and comfort and solidarity and salvation and resurrection

and when you do this, you don’t get to pick one or the other. if you want the one, then you’ve got to be willing to take the other…

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