have you ever…

had things that you dreamt in your head, way out there things, that you didn’t have the ability to make happen?

that’s where i am right now. 

i will confess i am a little lazy.  i waste time often.  i do spend time reading and thinking, but not a lot of time doing.  how do i take the thoughts and dreams and put pencil to paper and make them happen?  again, as i’ve mentioned before, there is “the fear”, but for goodness sakes. i need to get past that.  i feel like i’m continually making excuses for reasons not to create.  maybe my ability is fine and i just need to do it.  maybe i’m too lazy to do the actual good work. or maybe it’s “the fear”.  but i serve a creating God who is bigger than all of that.

so you pray for me, and i’ll pray for you (token MWS song reference) pray that we can be what God has called us to be.  pray that the dreams we dream can be fleshed out.  pray that the time, resources and ability will be leveraged for kingdom things.


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