some more great thoughts.

from Pete Wilson’s PlanB

We all have an unpublished list on our hearts of people we think we’re better than…For the most part our list of sins generally involves the ones we personally don’t struggle with much.  You know what sins I think are most despicable to the heart of God?  The ones I don’t usually commit.  The ones that just don’t tempt me–or the ones I fear so much I would never admit it.  Those are the sins on my list, the ones I crusade against. 

Seriously. Isn’t that what we often do as Christians? We do it in groups too–pointing our collective fingers on one set of “bad” sins and choosing to overlook others.

In other words, it’s okay to be prideful as long as you’re not gay.  It’s okay to be greedy as long as you don’t think about having an abortion.  It’s okay to be unloving as long as you don’t drink.


What’s on your list?

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