You think you got problems…

still getting my butt kicked by Plan B.  in the chapter entitled “Me Too” Pete is talking about authenticity in community.

I’m afraid there is a pervasive assumption in some Christian circles that once you give your life to Christ, once you’ve become a Christian, you need to at least act like you’ve got it together.  I remember once hearing pastor Matt Chandler describe it like this: “We want you to bring your Bible, but not your problems.”

Isn’t that an unfortunate word picture to describe so many of our churches?  Bring your Bible, bring your religion, bring your mask, look pretty.  But whatever you do, don’t be a whiner.  Don’t ask questions, don’t be a pain, don’t be a burden.  This attitude is a community killer, and it’s doing immense damage to the body of Christ. 

I’m not sure exactly where this attitude comes from, but I think it originates with fear.  We don’t want people to share their broken dreams, hurts, and their pain because we’re afraid we won’t have the answers.  Even worse, we might have to face our own brokenness instead of pretending we’re headed for the winner’s circle.


so, are you pretending you don’t have problems?  do you act like you have it all together? how would our ministries change if we were real and authentic?  how would our lives begin to heal if we just surrendered these things over to God?



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