what do you love?

of course i love Christ.  i love my wife and my children.  i love my parents, my in-laws, and extended family.  i love my friends and the church.

those should all be a given, but what else do we love?

i love a soaring french horn part in a swelling movement of a symphony.

i love the mountains on a crisp Autumn day.

i love hearing a solo piano play the music of Claude Debussy.

i love to see a nutmeg goal or a bicycle kick on the football pitch.

i love to hear someone read original poetry.

i love to see a great 4-6-3 double play.

i love to see amazing works of art.

i love seeing an amazing keeper make a great save at a crucial moment in the match.

i love hearing Frederick Fennell recordings of great band literature.

i love to see an amazing pitcher’s duel in a baseball game.

i love the flavor of a good beer and a fine cigar.

i love sitting and talking with people about the things of life and of God.

what are those little things that you love that make life enjoyable?


  1. I love when I am teaching first grade and the kids are so “in” to the Bible story the whole room gets silent and they are all leaning forward to listen.

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