You know how…

…you’ve heard and read bible stories all of your life, and then you read something that breathes new life or freshness into that story?  that happened to me today.

i was reading Jesus Manifesto by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola.

“Watch Him at a wedding in Cana. According to the custom of that day, the bridegroom was responsible for supplying the food and wine.  You know the story.  The wine ran out.  This represented a social disgrace–a grave oversight on the part of the bridegroom.

Behold your Lord’s first miracle.  He turns water into wine–but no ordinary wine.  He creates a wine that is finer than the wine that had run out.  In one brilliant stroke of compassion, Jesus Christ removes the bridegroom’s shame.  He supplies the lack.  He covers the mistake.  He removes the disgrace.  He reverses the failure.  And He makes the bridegroom look like a champion.


i had NEVER seen that in the story before, and i wondered how many times do i miss the REAL CHRIST in the stories of the bible?  how many times do i just read and overlook the truth behind the miracle?  how many times do i gloss over as i read and miss the reality of what really happened?

may you read the stories of the bible today with new eyes.  may you have a greater understanding of what THIS GREAT CHRIST comes to do in our lives.  may we see that He comes to remove OUR shame, that He supplies OUR lack, that He covers OUR mistakes, that He removes OUR disgrace, that He reverses OUR failures, and He makes US look like champions.  WHAT A CHRIST!


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