i wrote a verse…

a few weeks back about my lack of discipline…

this lack occurs in many areas.

in the area of food. i like to eat and i eat too much.  working on that.

i’m pretty lazy and don’t like to do mundane tasks.

i don’t spend time with God like i should.

i made a commitment to myself to write everyday.

so last week i started doing a few things that would be disciplined that would get me into a rhythm.

i started shaving my head every day again.  i had let this lapse and i noticed it was 3 times as much work if i let it grow out for a couple of days.

i started eating one helping of food, and i try to make the serving size the size of my fist.

i have been going to workout on MWF the last two weeks.

i have been spending time using the Common Prayer book and YouVersion on my iphone to at least spend some quiet moments in reading and prayer.

now to the writing….

i failed miserably at this.  i got caught up in the busyness of my job and family and just didn’t get it done.

so i’m going to try and shift it to here.  i’m going to attempt to blog what i write.  hopefully every day.  i’m setting a reminder in my phone so that i will remember.  i know that there will be days when i can’t get something down, but i’m going to make the attempt.  i’m going to work at that discipline.

i’m praying that the little steps i’m taking will help me in all aspects of my life.  i’m hoping it will help me with my wife and my children.  i’m hoping it will help me with other relationships.  i’m hoping it will open up other opportunities to allow me to minister and love others.



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