extraordinary-just taking on the “Resistance”

extraordinary-Chuck Harris 2011

when you stop dreaming, you start dying….what do i make of that?

am i already dead, or was i dead before?

what am i dead to?

am i dead to me, or dead period?

i long to be among the living, to live like i’m meant for something

something bigger than me

am i living in the middle of a movement…or just dwelling in the middle of death

time to get moving….time to dream big

dreams that carry us away, imaginations that run rampant

often i go to that delusional place where i can escape reality and exchange it for a creation of my own

how can the very things that push and drive me also make me pretty much useless

power. creativity. control….reel it in. harness it’s fury.

use it….

to move. to create. to react. to relate.

don’t face reality and become mediocre

create reality and become….extraordinary



  1. Dang! (And I say that with the southern accent I never really mastered living there for 14 years)
    You start writing again and challenge me with every post.

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