i was thinking today….

i know that’s pretty dangerous.  don’t run away all at once.

i was in my noon bible study and one of the verses we were talking about was in 1st Corinthians 13 where Paul says “if i give everything i have to the poor, but don’t have love, i’m like a clanging cymbal or a banging gong”

 in other words, it’s just a bunch of noise.

as we read on, we find the famous list of what love is. what God’s love is.  people have this read at their weddings.

but what does my love look?

my love is selective, my love is kind if kindess can be expected in return. my love is not arrogant…outwardly. my love DOES seek it’s own. my love definitely keeps score. my love bears SOME things, believes SOME things, endures SOME things to a point. my love fails often, but it looks pretty good by most standards.

that’s because it’s MY love. it’s an imperfect love.  it depends on how i feel at the moment sometimes.

but God’s love is that perfect love that Paul describes

is God’s love evident in my life?

how can i love, like Jesus loved, the people He has placed in my life?

God is more interested in how i’m “loving” than in what i’m “doing”

how much “work” have i done that’s been absolutely void of His love.


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