rough draft of a song inspired by Randy Elrod’s blog post today

Forgotten-Chuck Harris April 12, 2011


Little boy….long red cape

leaping from a tree….knees got scraped

Yeah, he was Superman….he used to fly

he was bulletproof…now he wonders why

chorus 1

the stress of life has brought him down

he’s all grown up he’s on the ground

he wonders will he ever soar again

he’s just forgotten


little girl…wings and fairy dust

sipping tea like she’s….part of the uppercrust

she was a princess…she used to dream

castles and unicorns…now what did that mean

chorus 2

the stress of life has brought her down

she’s all grown up there’s no more crowns

will she ever dream that way again

she’s just forgotten


why do we have the need….to move through life so fast

grow up…act your age…quit playing games…forget about the past

but i remember Ivanhoe and damsels in distress

i remember little girls sipping tea in a party dress

chorus 3

This stress of life won’t bring me down

yes i’m grown up but i’ve been around

you see i’ve been dreaming, i’ll learn to fly again

no i’ve not forgotten


    1. thanks. it felt good. i knocked some stuff out last night with re-writes and some fresh stuff. working on a song about a girl i knew in High School. Need some help developing a “spine” to work with.

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