thought i would write about one of my great loves today…

Old Trafford-Chuck Harris April 13, 2011

Glorious smell of lawn and lager

as the players take the pitch

supporters chant and sing the songs

of the club, a heritage so rich

the sides today are even matched

should be a bloody good game

it’s football played on the most hallowed ground

of Manchester United fame

So Glory, Glory Man United

as songs of heroes current and past

float through the rafters of Old Trafford

and days like this would ever last.




    1. i’ve always been intrigued by it. i’ve watched the world cup every year since it was in America. i love the colors and the pageantry. Always wanted to own jerseys of teams. didn’t matter which team. it’s a very global game and as i’ve become more globally minded, i’ve gained more of a love for the game. i played as a kid, but never really understood the in’s and out’s of the game. in steps my friend Kit Taupin a Brit expat who lives in Houston. he turned me on to the English Premier League on Fox Soccer and well the rest is history. it’s such a creative game with beautiful flow and a match can be wonderful even if it’s a nil-nil draw. it flies up in the face of American sensibilities of there must be a winner. i guess part of it is me being an Anglophile too. always loved all things UK and Irish. Finchley’s got me watching Top Gear on BBC now. But as much as I love England, the US Men’s Team will always be my first rooting in International play and I watch them every chance I get.

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