i realized….

i haven’t been writing a blog.  i’ve been regurgitating what other people have said.  i haven’t even really commented on what i think about what they said.  the truth is, life is hard and i don’t feel much like writing.  i know i should. i know writing is theraputic. i just don’t feel like much of anything as of late. i sometimes just sit and stare into nothing and then something jogs me out of that and go back to what i might have been doing. sometimes i just go back to staring.  it’s not even productive daydreaming.  i find this funk manageble, but don’t want to continue to live and work this way.  i got a lotta livin and workin to do. i’ve got a lot of bein to be. so if you think about it, pray a little prayer every now and then that God would jar me out of the complacency and light the spark that fuels my creativity. because i’m tired of wasting the time i’ve been given.




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