really lots to write about

i’m making an effort to write. but today, i thought i would ask you for some prayer in my life.

pray that God will guide me to and through the “next’s” that need to occur in my life.

pray that He in His goodness and wisdom will not let this season of my life pass without me learning the things He wants me to learn. pray that i would experience this full force.

pray that i will embrace the hurt and pain that is life and will push through because ultimately He is good and He is for me.

pray that i will not become introverted in this setting, but will still look out to see the needs of others. that i will not make reservations for “pity party, table for 1”

pray that people will see Jesus in me. pray that they will know that they can make a decision to see a difference in their own mess because of what they see in mine

pray that God will bring healing not just to me but to all involved in the painful things. pray that He will be the great Healer and Redeemer that He is. pray that He will teach me to live in peace and grace.

to those of you who sincerely read this blog. i thank you for your prayers and your love.

for those of you who know me. i thank you for your texts, your emails, your facebook messages and your tweets. thanks for being His hands and feet to me. much love.


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