another poem of sorts…

thinking these may be better in a spoken word context.

what are you afraid of?-Chuck Harris: June 2011


do i know how to do that anymore?

or do i crave the ludicracy of safety that’s not even promised

nothing is promised, but i like the illusion

the illusion that i might have control of it all

so i crave the safe, fake reality when what is real doesn’t even enter in

what is real? i can’t imagine

i can’t see

i can’t believe

real things that i actually long for will never happen, or so i think….

but then….

i catch a glimpse of life….life more lived

not a life that is crippled by control and fear

i wonder what it would be like to begin being again

to not just be doing, but to live….really live life

to have a story….to create anew…to live in the moment

to do what i need to be….

to RISK!



  1. I love the honesty! This is a great start to healing. I have felt this way and I want you to know it does get better. I lived the safe, not real, life for 8 years. It does get better!

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