yes, i’m in a very honest mode right now as i write. i’m searching for a glimpse of something to spark my heart.

a psalm of lament-Chuck Harris: June 2011

how long?

how long must this trial continue? is it much longer?

could you please possibly give me a time frame so i know how long i’ll need to hold on?

i mean, if it’s not too much to ask?

i’m just being honest, i want to know if there is an end

i guess i’ll make due if there isn’t, but just to know

i’d like to know

i want to be in the light

the light that bathes the end of this dark passage of life

a bit of refuge in the bright sun of Your love before the next tunnel

i know this passage is difficult and necessary, but occasionally

just that little nudge of Your hand on the small of my back moving me towards the brightness

toward You

toward the space in between the dark labyrinths

how long?



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