color my world

palette-Chuck Harris: June 2011

what is it that colors your world?

is it a philosophy? a belief? a system?

or is it something else?

do you view the world through a lens foggy and tinted or clearly through pristine glass?

is your view pixelated from what you’ve been taught or told?

or have you done the exploratory work of digging into wisdom yourself and created your own scheme?

do you trust and/or adhere to the views of others or do you stand alone on the vista surveying the vast expanse of life as you know it?

what adds to your art? music? literature? politics? religion?

do you only like the colors that speak to you, or would you be willing to look at something you consider brash or boring?

what are the hues you create with as you paint on the canvas of your journey?

what crayons are in your box? what paints are on your palette?



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