it was a good week

i’ve been searching for clarity.

in Davis Guggenheim’s documentary “It Might Get Loud”, U2 guitarist The Edge is remembering the labor he went through to write the song “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”. he uses the analogy of a managed forest. when you look at it from one angle all you see is a mass of trees, but eventually you turn a corner and see that all the trees are in rows…clarity.
as he’s talking the camera moves to show us that all of the trees are in rows. it was a brilliant moment for me as the visual moved the story along.

i had a few moments like that this past week as i was able to attend the first ever re:createATX One Day conference.
listening to amazing artists like filmmaker Andrew Shapter who shared with us the importance of relationships and their influence on story. jazz trombonist Mike Mordecai and his friends who treated us to a beautiful afternoon of music. Rick Jackson, and executive who shared with us the excitement of Cinsay a new E-commerce company and the wonderful art of balance.

clarity…i started to see the forest in spite of the trees.

i also made the vocal team at Gateway Church. this was a very fulfilling thing for me as people that i love and admire made the decision that i have the skills to sing on a level that i haven’t had the opportunity to experience before.

clarity…moving in the right direction musically.

i also had some breakthrough in my personal life. a friend pointed out to me that i began most of my conversations with “i’m lonely”. he said that i needed to work on being content with myself before i went off trying to fill the loneliness.

clarity…i want to fill my life with good things and good people.

but the highlight of my week had to be attending the 1211 live taping at the original Austin City Limits studio. i mean i got to stand on the stage where Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Stevie Ray Vaughn and so many more of my musical heroes have stood and performed. although i was just there to watch and worship, it was surreal to think about all the amazing music that had been played in that very room, and we got to experience amazing, redeeming music that night as well as some beautiful stories.



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