something i need to be


adjective-done on purpose; deliberate

i need to be more intentional.  i don’t need to accidentally stumble onto things.  i don’t need to wing it when it comes to the details of life.  quite often that is where i live in this random, sporadic, spontaneity that i claim is “who i am”.

the truth is it’s a good excuse to not get things done.  it allows me to make relational mistakes and say “i didn’t intend to hurt you” it allows me to be lazy in certain things and pawn it off to my personality.

i need to be deliberate.  i need to do things on and with purpose.

i think half of the battle in our lives is realizing what we are and what we are not. i know my strengths and weaknesses, but i can’t be nonchalant about them.  i need to be more intentional about maximizing my strengths while not allowing my weaknesses to hamstring me.

so what are you being intentional about? are you doing things with purpose? where does your focus need to be today?


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