the sermon at church yesterday was on worship and he used the verse “taste and see that the Lord is good”. he likened it to something you eat or experience and you want more of it.  one bite of cake will not do.  one date with a girl that you really are attracted to is not enough. so it should be in our experience with God. we should always be wanting more, but sadly we don’t.

is it because we’ve never truly tasted or seen how good He is. are we so distracted by life and the pursuit of me that we can’t possibly see clearly?  is our life so cluttered with other things that our palate is confused and we can’t savor the wonderful flavor of His awesomeness?

i guess that’s what i’m trying to sort out right now. i want more, but what is it that i want more of? i should be wanting more of Him, but sadly my heart runs to lovers less wild. i know that only He can satisfy, so why is it, to quote Andrew Peterson, all i ever seem to chase is me?


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