i haven’t talked a lot about my divorce on here. most of the people who know me, know the details. because of this situation, i chose to attend Divorce Care.  it’s  a great opportunity to be around people who are going through the same thing you are, and even though the videos are a little outdated and sometimes cheesy, it gives great information and the discussions are really good.  i love my group and i’m thankful for our leaders.  all that to say that this past weeks topic was forgiveness…

i think anyone who has been hurt or injured emotionally struggles with forgiveness.  i know that i do. i don’t want to forgive, i want to get even. but that’s not what God calls us to do.

so i opened up my book and i saw these next statements and it changed my perspective. i had preconceived notions of what it meant to forgive.  what i had to do, what it meant. so this was eye opening for me and i wanted to share it, because it applies to any act of forgiveness.

here we go…

Forgiveness is NOT:

A feeling-it is an act of my will

Minimizing the offense-what happened really happened

Condoning the other person’s behavior-i don’t have to call what they did “OK” to forgive.

Trusting the other person-forgiving them doesn’t mean i have to trust them again

Letting the other person off the hook-but they won’t answer to me

Expecting an apology-even if i never get one, i still have to forgive

Forgetting-God forgets our sins and remembers them no more, but i am not Him

i can’t tell you how freeing those statements were for me. so for the last few days, i’ve asked God for help to forgive and actually said the words, i forgive _________for_________

i’m finding that my heart is being softened even in these few days because i’m being obedient. will i feel that way every day? no because the enemy likes to drag that stuff back up, but i’m going to continue to obey God and be forgiving.

who do you need to forgive?


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