Month: May 2012

24 plays in 3 days

i had the honor the last three days to attend the Texas State One Act Play Meet down at Bass Hall.  it was a great contest and i saw lots of students do amazing things theatrically.  so many great actors, actresses, technicians, directors, and designers.  from great plays about the downfall of Enron to classic Greek plays.  i came away with great ideas and some cool play choices to look at for the future. i just love that kids have this amazing outlet. i saw some performances that rival professional companies. i’m exhausted, but i’m glad that i got to go.  you can go see the results here.

don’t forget to support the fine arts in your schools.


that’s me blowing the dust off of this blog…

i almost feel a sense of guilt that i neglect writing here regularly. i fancy myself a writer, but don’t write here often enough.  sure, i journal and throw off the occasional song lyric or poem, but i don’t write very much for enjoyment or even to inform anymore.  i keep promising myself that i’m going to get back to it. being in the turmoil of the last year, who could blame me for not writing. i should write though, the things that are welling up inside of me should be put to page and blog. i guess i’ve struggled with it. should make a deal with myself to write here…. even if no one reads it.  so i’m going to try and shake out the cobwebs, click my pen and get to writing.