i was reading tonight…

and came across this passage in The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp.

…watching a fire is one of life’s miraculous pleasures. Fire has fabulous movement and spatial invention. It is constantly altering, never repeating itself. The flame changes shape, color, height and depth. Tinker with fire by adding a log and it veers off at different angles, sometimes swelling into a vertical pyre, other times collapsing into a horizontal twinkle.

that reminded me of something i saw this morning from Jon Acuff.

he said:

Our God isn’t in the business of better. He doesn’t do improved. He specializes in one thing, new. That’s what you are today. New.

so that got me to thinking that God is often represented or presents Himself as fire in the bible, and that it is a cleansing, holy, purging fire at times. He makes things new. He’s always moving and although He is the same yesterday, today and forever, i can’t help but think of the flames creating, moving and morphing in a new pattern and way as they burn away the old and create the new.

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