some thoughts

after reading two separate blog posts on marriage today, one that was pretty well thought out, and one that was in my opinion written by a guy who has very little experience on which to rate his “expertise”, i was just thinking that i someday want to be married again.

now, i in no way want to rush God in his plan for my life, but i do want someone to share my life with, and i’m not getting any younger. and i like sex. there, i said it. but i want to have purity in my life and enjoy it in the boundaries of marriage. i’m not getting any younger either.

i tried the dating websites and have realized they are really not for me. the paid ones didn’t give any better results than free ones. most of the women who were my type were either agnostic or atheist. on the Christian sites, there were a few women i liked, but typically it was too much. i’ve tried the possibility of dating women that i already knew, and that hasn’t worked oh so bueno either.

so i guess my question is, where can i meet a nice Christian woman who likes a lot of the same things i like?

i’ve heard people say church. my church (which just launched in October) has about 40 people. i’m on staff so the reality of me dating someone there is probably not a good idea. besides i hate the thought of the church as a singles treasure trove.

i’ve heard people say the grocery store. i really don’t feel comfortable trolling the HEB for women.

i’ve had friends say find a co-ed outdoor activity. i would like to play soccer, so that is a possibility.

but lets face it, it’s not easy to meet someone when you are single again after all these years. we bring a lot more hurt and baggage to the table than we did when we were 23. and it’s not like we go to school together where we see each other all the time. this really is a hard reality for men and women who are divorced. especially if you have trust and hurt issues from your previous relationships.

i know that i need to be patient, but the fact is i’m not. i would like to be. i certainly don’t want to mess this up yet again. i know there is no perfect woman and no perfect relationship, but it would be nice to know there is an imperfect one out there somewhere. sometimes i just think i’ll be alone forever, and sometimes i think maybe that’s what i deserve for the way i’ve handled some of my acquaintances and relationships. but you know what? i think everyone needs to love and be loved and that’s my hope.

i know that seeking after Christ is my first thing, but it’s not a formula and i’ve heard all of the cliches. frankly that stuff makes single people want to throw up, because we mostly hear that crap from married people. you see i know that God created marriage to make us holy. to be a picture that we could understand that demonstrated our relationship as the bride and Christ as the groom. and that is what i really want.

now this is just me puking up my feelings, so i don’t really need or want a lot of advice unless you know a lady in the greater Austin area who is a smokin hot, artist/rockstar with tattoos who is looking for a tall bald guy. in that case, comment away.

alright. carry on.


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