happy groundhog day

what can we learn from the movie groundhog day? i think we can learn at least one thing.

in the movie, Bill Murray’s character uses the ability to live each day over and over again to his own advantage and agenda, although in the end he realizes what is right and at that point the cycle ends. he is very manipulative in getting to that point, but this montage of scenes shows one thing. he listens. or better yet, learns to listen.

i think that is a good lesson to learn that if we want to be in relationship with someone, we must learn to listen to them. as i remember this movie, i think about him spending this day over and over again with Andie McDowell’s character and he shifts from manipulating to loving her.

maybe if we learned to listen to one another, we would stop trying to work our own angles and plans and just learn to love.

so happy groundhog day. let’s learn to listen to others. to truly hear them and feel what is important to them so we can share life together.

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