passion in the presence

i had a friend tell me once that we are most fulfilled when our passion intersects a need.

i have fleeting moments of passion for things it seems as of late. i’ll get excited about doing something and then the excitement fades. i have grand designs on getting some things done, but then apathy or fear set in and i end up getting nothing done. i’ll hear or see something that fires me up and i’ll talk about it, then it never happens.

i mean i’m a passionate person. i know this because when i do go after something, i do it full force. i’m constantly thinking about my “want to” and lately things have been getting done because of my “have to”.  i’m deceived into believing that it will never happen, so why bother trying? i know that comes from failures in the last few years, but i don’t have a give up spirit.

i will say that i have made a commitment to get up early and read, and to write here as much as i can. now if i can just slingshot this discipline into other areas. life is too short to not run after dreams because i am lazy or afraid.

you see, i know that God is with me. sometimes i lose sight of that presence. sometimes my heart gets so heavy with other stuff, that i miss Him. but in His presence is joy. and no matter the situation, i can find that joy in Him and only Him.

so today i want to make Him my passion. i want Him to move in me to help me do those things that only i can do. i want Him to be the inspiration for the passionate life that only i can live. i will not resign myself to a life of insignificance. let’s live today. you too.

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