footy anyone?

something happened yesterday and i lost my top 5 bands post. i wish i had saved it somewhere else so that i could repost it, but it is gone in the vacuum that cyberspace is at times.

shifting gears i thought i’d post my top 5 football clubs.

5. InterMilan-Serie A


i have clubs that i like in most every league. Inter is my fav in Serie A. Italian football is not a great as English football, but their fans are passionate and violent at times. the first Inter game i watched was a few years back when they won the Champions League. they also won the Serie A and the Italian Cup that year. then Mourihno left and they haven’t been the same.i liked Inter a lot because of Wesley Sniejder, but he plays for Galatasary now.

4. Celtic FC-Scottish Premiere League


when people talk about the greatest rivalries in sports they have to include the Glasgow Old Firm Derby between Celtic and Rangers. sadly the game won’t be played this year as Rangers have been relegated due to financial issues. The Hoops have a grand tradition and have even won the European Cup. if you love good ol Scottish football then Celtic is the tops.

3. FC Dallas-MLS


originally the Dallas Burn and owned by the soccer loving Lamar Hunt, this team relocated to Frisco, TX and became FC Dallas. being a native Texan, i would either have to support Dallas or Houston and since i lived in the North Dallas area i loved going to their matches. i will wear my Brek Shea jersey proudly and say Dallas Til I Die!

2. FC Barcelona-La Liga


one of the greatest sides ever assembled with quite arguably the greatest player in the world. i watched Barça waltz through the Champions League with ease for two seasons in a row. their brand of possession football which has been labeled “tik tak” is interesting to watch. their side is almost all of the Spanish National Team which has won the last 3 major tournaments in world soccer. and then there is Messi. the only thing that keeps him from being considered the greatest player of all time is an elusive World Cup with Argentina.

1. Manchester United FC-Barclay’s Premiere League


the most popular sports brand and most hated team in the world. but they are my club. i have the jerseys. i know the songs. i know the history. i love watching the Red Devils play. all of the legends have played at Old Trafford and someday, i will get to see a match there. i can’t explain why i like Man U. i didn’t grow up watching them, and knew very little about English Football growing up, but i picked a team and i will not change. Glory, Glory!!!

what is your favorite sport? who are your favorite teams?


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