Film thoughts…

It’s always a question of high aims, grandiose dreams, great bravado and confidence, and great courage at the typewriter; and then, when I’m in the midst of finishing a picture and everything’s gone horribly wrong and I’ve reedited it and reshot it and tried to fix it, then it’s merely a struggle for survival. You’re happy only to be alive. Gone are the exalted goals and aims, all the uncompromising notions of a perfect work of art, and you’re just fighting so people won’t storm up the aisles with tar and feathers- Woody Allen



i really like the films of Woody Allen. i think he’s an absolute genius in the way he gets performances out of actors. some of his films i like far better than others and i think it has to do with that quote up above. sometimes his pictures seem incomplete, but always have amazing performances. i think as i read that quote, the thing that strikes me is that, not even Woody always believes in himself and i think that glimmer of doubt is what pushes him to greatness. one thing i found out recently was that all of the actors in Allen’s films work for union scale. they get roughly $60,000 for a picture. now to me, that is more than a years salary, but it’s no $20 million which is what most A-list stars get for movies. they want to work with him. they want them to bring out the best in them. and he does. we watched Blue Jasmine a few nights ago, and both Cate Blanchett and Sally Hawkins are amazing. hard to believe that Blanchett is Australian and Hawkins is English from the affected accents and characters they play. add in bang up performances by Alec Baldwin, Louis CK, Bobby Cannavale, and Peter Sarsgaard and you have an amazing stable of talent.  i also love that Woody was able to pull an amazing performance out of Andrew Dice Clay, i never would have seen that coming.

Cate Blanchett definitely deserved her Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Jasmine. i love how Woody ties in her flashback scenes as she relives them by talking to herself. i actually related to her and her pain in a very real way. i found myself thinking how stupid it was as she self-destructed, but at the same time felt sorry for her. i couldn’t really tell if her insanity was what caused her to blindly look the other way, or it actually lent itself to the downfall. the breakdown in her apartment solidified some but not all of my questions. i loved the performances, but wish that Woody had really shown San Francisco like he does other cities. i also was a little let down by the ending, but i’ll let you watch and decide for yourself.


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