i had a friend ask me the other day….

a good thought from a while ago.

Musings from Slow Pony

“What is God teaching you through all of this?”

i guess at the time i was still pretty hurt and angry.  those feelings subside and then they come right back, but i guess i do know what God is teaching me….

1. nothing suprises Him- He wasn’t like, “How did that happen?” He knew it was going to happen and He will use my situation so that He will be glorified.

2. that a true Resurrection Life is based on choosing Love over Hate-this was made very evident to me at a party i went to and a friend introduced me to his child as one who does that and i wasn’t. so today i choose to love and tomorrow, i’ll have to wake up again and choose love.

3. that apart from Him, i can do nothing-i can’t choose to love unless i’m truly grafted into Him.  that whole…

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