Beautiful Things

how’s your heart?

i got the chance to go sit in my friend Ramy’s living room the other night and worship with some friends. it was a beautiful group of moments. i’ve been fighting allergies and couldn’t sing, but it was nice to sit in the dimly lit room and just take it in. it was really simple. towards the end Ramy asked everyone in the room a question.

“how is your heart?”

and i began to think, what am i going to say when it gets to me? am i going to say something that sounds slick or amazing? am i going to say something that sounds authentic? what am i going to say? then i began to listen to the others who were telling how their hearts were. some beautiful answers to a simple question, and i realized that my heart is still on the mend. it has been stomped on, but it still beats. it still dreams and longs to create. and as the testimony time was finished we sang Gungor’s “Beautiful Things”. i sang with what voice i had as the evening ended with communion.

i tell you that because i want to ask you the same question. how’s your heart? what is it longing for? is it freshly broken? do you feel like it can never be put back together? do you still have hope? or, is your heart joyful and full? it doesn’t have to be broken.

how’s your heart?


i had the privilege of…

seeing a live performance of the new Gungor (formerly known as Michael Gungor Band) album “Beautiful Things” on Thursday.  it was one of the most amazing and surreal performances i’ve ever had the honor of seeing and hearing.  i’ve seen U2, James Taylor, Willie Nelson, etc.  this ranks up as one of the tops if not the top.  it moved me in ways that i can’t explain to you.  it is literally indescribable. you would need to see it yourself.  you need to own the record.  i’m on my 6th listen through and it is definitely in my top 5 of all time and that is saying a lot.  here is an acoustic version of the title track.  it is no comparison to what we saw, but it’s still pretty amazing.  enjoy….