Chuck Harris

a song inspired by Psalm 108

Psalm-Chuck Harris-2011


my heart trusts You

i can sing with all my heart

the morning rises with my voice

every day is a new start

i sing thanks in every nation

all the people hear my song

it’s my desire to sing Your praises

i hope they all will sing along


Your love never fails

it’s higher than the heavens

You are faithful far beyond the clouds

be exalted….let Your glory shine

so with the earth we can Praise You Out Loud


another song….

Untitled As Of Yet-Chuck Harris 2011


i sometimes think

that we all feel

like we are getting

the raw end of the deal

we are so

self immersed

we have this overwhelming need

to always be first


but there is so much more

i should have told you way before


i’m sorry

please forgive me

i know you want to share your point of view

but really

that’s not the issue

i’m sorry i let you think

this was about you


it’s not about

you or me

or the table for one reserved

for your pity party

let’s dig right in

to the heart

we may not solve it today

but it’s somewhere to start


there are so many things

we could focus on and discuss

but we usually choose

the number one topic…us.

another song of sorts

Fake-Chuck Harris April 2011


am i real

or do i have a distorted view

of what reality is

is there a point

where i can see or say something

that’s honest and true


i could be the greatest actor, you’ve ever seen

well written lines to read in between

i could be a fraud thats out to get all he can

so sad cause the one thing i hate, is what i am


is it a mystery

how i dislike the very things

that i’ve become

can i change

or is this fundamental flaw

just ingrained inside of me


i want to be real…every part

i want to understand the issues with my heart

don’t want to be fictitious…i’m tired of that game

i’m done with this role…don’t want to be the same.

part of my writing process

is revisiting old songs that i’ve put on a back shelf or found in notebooks as i’m writing new stuff.

this one came to the surface today

Tell Me What You’re For-Chuck Harris 2008


i see your signs, i hear your words

it’s not what you say, it’s how i heard

and though you may have great intent

what i see and hear may not be what you meant


so before you get all upset and mad

and tell me how people are so bad

before you go to bangin’ on that door

please don’t tell me what you’re against

just tell me what you’re for


my perception is my reality

and i don’t think all this negativity

will bring about the change that you desire

it will only feed more fuel into the fire


so before you go ahead and build your fence

be sure that you don’t build at my expense

cause fences make it easy to ignore

please don’t tell me what you’re against

just tell me what you’re for.

of course it still needs maybe another transition or a bridge to tie it together, but still stands up as an idea even 3 years after i wrote the initial draft. song #2 for my record in the works. i’m beginning to develop the ideas.  you’re ideas would be helpful too.  please leave them in the comments.

thought i would write about one of my great loves today…

Old Trafford-Chuck Harris April 13, 2011

Glorious smell of lawn and lager

as the players take the pitch

supporters chant and sing the songs

of the club, a heritage so rich

the sides today are even matched

should be a bloody good game

it’s football played on the most hallowed ground

of Manchester United fame

So Glory, Glory Man United

as songs of heroes current and past

float through the rafters of Old Trafford

and days like this would ever last.


just some musings

a thousand suns cannot outshine a mere glimpse of You

this same glory dwells in me, but i’m so blind and feeble that i miss it.

mere words don’t seem to touch or express all that You really are

even in my most eloquent moments i fall drastically short of even a depiction of you

Your glory shines in every color that i see and every sound that makes it’s way to my ears

yet i often miss it, bored and preoccupied with lesser things.

extraordinary-just taking on the “Resistance”

extraordinary-Chuck Harris 2011

when you stop dreaming, you start dying….what do i make of that?

am i already dead, or was i dead before?

what am i dead to?

am i dead to me, or dead period?

i long to be among the living, to live like i’m meant for something

something bigger than me

am i living in the middle of a movement…or just dwelling in the middle of death

time to get moving….time to dream big

dreams that carry us away, imaginations that run rampant

often i go to that delusional place where i can escape reality and exchange it for a creation of my own

how can the very things that push and drive me also make me pretty much useless

power. creativity. control….reel it in. harness it’s fury.

use it….

to move. to create. to react. to relate.

don’t face reality and become mediocre

create reality and become….extraordinary

i’m writing today

I’m Writing Today- Chuck Harris 2011

i’m writing today.  i don’t really know what will come out, but i’m going to write.

i’m going to write because it makes my head clear. i’m going to write because my heart overflows with it

i’m going to write because i have something to say or nothing to say

i’m going to write because in writing hopefully i’ll uncork the things in my heart that i really want to say

i’m going to write because my tribe has encouraged me to be who i am

i’m going to write because in unleashing pen to paper something happens

i’m going to write because out of creating the habit, quite possibly, magic will happen

i’m going to write because i want to feel alive. i don’t want to just exist. i want to LIVE

i’m going to write because i need to, and actually today, i want to

My latest verse

Discipline-Chuck Harris

Something I lack….
Wish I had more of….

The gumption to pull myself up by my bootstraps and do the things I need and want to do.

The ability to not view such things as tasks or work, but to see these moments as opportunities to serve, worship & create.

To do the good and beautiful work!

my poem from yesterday

Song Without Words-Chuck Harris January 10, 2011

Oboe, haunting in your plaintiff cry.  Calling out for love, true love

Pensive chords and melody that pull at me then push me away.

Counterpoint with a seductive countour that likens to my lovers curves

You end as sad as you begin with lost love….not found.