Francis Chan


-To have the mind excessively preoccupied with a single emotion or topic.

last year i was blown away by Francis Chan’s book Crazy Love.  i even posted here talking about the “profile of the lukewarm”

so after lots of time to gel and wonder how i can avoid being lukewarm, i was taking another look at the book and realized that there was another profile.  i’m searching for a greater story for myself and my family and it might just start with this.

  • People who are obsessed with Jesus give freely and openly, without censure.  Obsessed people love those who hate them and who can never give love back.
  • People who are obsessed with Jesus aren’t consumed with their personal safety and comfort above all else.  Obsessed people care more about God’s kingdom coming to this earth than their own lives being shielded from pain or distress.
  • People who are obsessed with Jesus live lives that connect them with the poor in some way or another.  Obsessed people believe that Jesus talked about money and the poor so often because it was really important to Him(1 John 2:4-6; Matthew 16:24-26)
  • Obsessed people are more concerned with obeying God than doing what is expected of fulfilling the status quo.  A person who is obsessed with Jesus will do things that don’t always make sense in terms of success and wealth on this earth.  As Martin Luther put it, “There are two days on my calendar: this day and that day”
  • A person who is obsessed with Jesus knows that the sin of pride is always a battle.  Obsessed people know that you can never be “humble enough” and so they seek to make themselves less known and Christ more known (Matthew 5:16)
  • People who are obsessed with Jesus do not consider service a burden.  Obsessed people take joy in loving God by loving His people.
  • People who are obsessed with God are known as givers, not takers.  Obsessed people genuinely think that others matter as much as they do, and they are particularly aware of those who are poor around the world.
  • A person who is obsessed thinks about heaven frequently.  Obsessed people orient their lives around eternity;  they are not fixed only on what is here in front of them.
  • A person who is obsessed is characterized by a committed, settled, passionate love for God, above and before every other thing and every other being.
  • People who are obsessed are raw with God;  they do not attempt to mask the ugliness of their sins or their failures.  Obsessed people don’t put it on for God; He is their safe place, where they can be at peace.
  • People who are obsessed with God have an intimate relationship with Him.  They are nourished by God’s Word throughout the day because they know that forty minutes on Sunday is not enough to sustain them for a whole week, especially when they will encounter so many distractions and alternative messages.
  • A person who is obsessed with Jesus is more concerned with his or her character than comfort.  Obsessed people know that true joy does not depend on circumstances or environment; it is a gift that must be chosen and cultivated, a gift that ultimately comes from God (James 1:2-4)
  • A person who is obsessed with Jesus knows that the best thing they can do is be faithful to their Savior in every aspect of their life, continually saying “thank you” to God.  An obsessed person knows there can never be intimacy if they are always trying to pay God back or work hard enough to be worthy.  They revel in their role as child and friend of God.

ok, honestly that hits me harder than the “lukewarm”, because those are all things i LONG to be, but i’m not.  it’s actually pretty easy to not be obsessed with Jesus, and i SO want to be.  my prayer for this year is that i would begin to let my obsession and passion for Jesus take control of my life and be evident to those around me.

i thought i would pose a question today…

it’s from Crazy Love by Francis Chan!

there is a Q&A portion at the end of the book and i wanted to share the question and Francis’ answer.

Q: You talk about believing in God without having a clue what He’s like.  As a Christian, how is that possible?

A:  Because we are taught so little about God, most people just want to know what God can do for them rather than desiring to know Him.  When we present the gospel, we try to answer one question: How do I keep from going to hell?  After that question is answered, we stop asking questions about God.  With the American church being so concerned about converts, we don’t take the time to present the God-centered universe to people.  We don’t try to dig deep into the truth of God.  We need to learn the attributes of God before we know what He is like.

is that where we are.  we just go to God like He’s a cosmic Santa Claus, or do we truly desire to know Him?  as i keep reading the Psalms, i see this deep desire in the writer’s heart to truly know and follow after God.  Jesus tells us to go and make disciples.  which means the invitation is simple.  come, follow Him and learn from and of Him, so that we may be more like Him.

have a wonderful day