FUMC Lufkin

and the final part of the tour…

the last part of the video guided tour of FUMC Lufkin.

i forgot my key….

btw, if you want to make some cool photo slideshows with music, check out www.animoto.com


more footage of the workplace…


here we go with more of my guided tour from FUMC Lufkin.  again, i’ll just give you part of the tour and save some more for later.  enjoy.

be sure and listen closely so you don’t mistake what i say.

and an addendum….

stay tuned for the conclusion…

so if you ever wondered about where i am….

i thought i would take one of our Flip cams and shoot a little footage around the campus….

now since i’m ADD, i won’t make you, my cherished readers sit through a long video.  nope, i broke it into a few videos. i’ll put three up today(but only because i ran out of batteries right in the middle of the second one.

so enjoy…

part 2…

and after a battery change….part 2 continued

i’ll post some later.

what a great Sunday…

this post is part of the Sunday Setlists over at Fred McKinnon’s blog.


We had a great Sunday this week.  It was the first week of our “TwoGatherings” where we move to one Traditional and one Contemporary service.

our stage had been cleared for a banquet and noone had told me so we got started a little late on rehearsal which meant i missed the first part of the traditional service.  i did get to catch the choir special of Dona Nobis Pacem.  it was very beautiful.  i have to say here that it’s the second time in a week that i’ve sat in a pew and sang from a hymnal.  i haven’t done that in about 13-14 years.

so onto our setlist.  my female vocalist showed up with no voice, so it was just me and the band.

I Am Free-Jon Egan (Promise Keeper’s Version)–and boy did they ever sing the echo back.  Awesome.

Song of Hope-Robbie Seay Band –i love this song.  i still haven’t hit that falsetta note like i want to, but it will happen.

Mighty to Save-Hillsong –first time i’ve done this one with FUMC, but they knew it.

Your Love Never Fails-Chris McClarney–we did this one for offering again.  i’ve got it slated for next week, but may drop the key to G for easier congregational singing.

Sermon-My Lord and My God

Come Ye Sinners-Robbie Seay Band–i love this setting, it’s so simple.

well there you have it.  it was a good day.

my first Sunday in Lufkin

this blog is a part of Sunday Morning Set Lists over at Fred McKinnon’s blog.

today was my first Sunday at my new church. our set is as follows.

Song of Hope-Robbie Seay Band

Marvelous Light-Charlie Hall

Everything Glorious-David Crowder Band (offering)


Rescue-Jared Anderson (communion)

Your Love is Deep-Jami Smith (Invitation)

Song of Hope-Inst. closer.

at the beginning of the closing song, the church “welcomed” my by throwing tortillas at me.  they heard that i went to Texas Tech and thought that would be really funny.  i LOVED it.  thanks so much to the body here for making me feel a part.

looking forward to many more great services here.