Give Me Your Eyes

after two weeks at camp…

it’s hard to get back into the swing of things.  i’m getting back into my rhythm (for those of you who know me, i even despise the word routine). 

i’ve been pondering this thought…

do i really love people?  i mean, do i.  i say i do, but do my actions and my heart convey that actual feeling?  do i only love those who agree with me or who run in my circle?  what does love look like and do i do those things?  sometimes my heart seems so hard towards some and others are just an inconvenience.  it takes work and it’s difficult to love people.  am i willing to put in that work and brave those difficulties?  tough thoughts for me.  i WANT to desperately, but often i fall very short.

Lord, help me to love people as you love them.  help me to see them thr0ugh your eyes.