i’ve been thinking about emotions today and how fickle they are…

i so often get betrayed by mine. it’s really a roller coaster and i feel stupid for getting caught up in them, but i just seem to get back in in the serpentine line for another ride. it’s like i hit this high and something good happens, or i make a declaration and feel really good about it, then the reality and the loneliness set in. i feel like things won’t change and i won’t be able to get out of the funk.

i know that the reality is that my feelings are quite often not the truth, but it is still how i feel. i want off of this ride as it is not very amusing. sometimes i’m just caught up in my impatience. I want to just feel some stability. i think that’s what everyone wants. 

so instead of seeking the wrong things, i want to seek joy. i want to be complete in my relationship with God and my friends and not fret so much about creating new ones. i know the Lord has a great plan for all of us and He doesn’t want us to be derailed by how we feel. so we follow Him. i want to follow Him.