two weeks from tomorrow…

Amy and i will be drinking coffee here.

thanks to recreate10 and EMI/Provident, i won a flyaway trip to see Phil Wickham, Leeland, and Matt Maher in Seattle.  i’ve been once before for the NCAA women’s tournament when i was in college, but have always wanted Amy to see the city.  i’m excited because one of my fellow recreators, Joe Day is making us a list, but obviously there are things we will want to experience and see.

like this

and this

(that’s the Experience Music Project)

and this

possibly we’ll see the news stand from Sleepless in Seattle and Singles here

being a lover of doughnuts, of course we are going here.

i’m sure Amy will want her picture taken in front of the building where they shoot the exteriors for her favorite television show.

i’m excited about the time we get to hang out in the Emerald City.  so watch for tweets, facebook updates, pictures and blog posts from our trip.