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We had a great All Saints Day on Sunday.  we got some of our stage volume issues taken care of, but still have a few to cover.  we opened with…

I Am Free-Promise Keeper’s arr.  (this version completely rocks.  we did have some issues with projection.  substitute did this song the last time i was gone and didn’t do this version, so i didn’t think to fix the cue.  my bad)

Opportunities for Witness and Service

Stewardship Testimony

Welcome Time

Our God Saves-Baloche

Holy is the Lord-Tomlin

Everybody Praise the Lord-Brewster (offering.  they loved it again)

On All Saints Day, we read the names of those members who have passed away in the previous year.  we say their name and then ring a bell.  after the reading, we had set up some candle boxes for people to come and remember their loved ones who have gone on to be with Jesus.  it was a definite God moment in the service and came off much better than i planned or hoped.  i was beautiful to see whole families come up and light a candle. (in hindsight, the service was a bit schizophrenic with the big anthem and then the rocking offertory followed by somber moment and a vibrant sermon on “vision”.  but somehow those swings worked.)

Sermon-Steps to Building a Vision for Your Life (Pastor Nick challenged us to live up to our 10×12 capacity and not be satisified with a 2×4 kind of life.)

Amazed-Anderson (invitation)

had two more families join the church today.

how was your Sunday?

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well I missed last week’s posting because i was floating down the Colorado River for 35 miles with some men from our church.  it was a great trip and i really enjoyed getting to spend some time with men from our church on their journey.  sleeping in a tent that was too short for me was quite an experience.  i made it back alive.

onto our services for this week the 25th of October.

we opened with a song we’ve been working on and planning to do since early September, and the band did an amazing job.

Everybody Praise the Lord-Lincoln Brewster (it’s a barnburner and our band tore it up.  special kudos to our lead guitar Jay Watrous.  he put a lot of work into this song and it was a joy to hear and see him play it for the Lord.)

Opportunities for Witness and Service

Welcome Time

Marvelous Light-Charlie Hall (got to hear Charlie do this live last Saturday, so it was really fresh on my mind)

All Because of Jesus-Fee

Glorious One-Fee

Revelation Song-Jennie Lee Riddle (we used the flexxworship backgrounds from Integrity for this song.  April did a beautiful job as usual.  felt the Spirit prompt to sing the chorus a couple of times after just voices.  great moment with the Lord)

Sermon-Are You Caught Up in the “Me-ism” Epidemic Now? (great sermon by Pastor Nick using the biblical story of Lazarus and the Rich Man.  we were able to use this video[thank you TubeSucker] to illustrate how nothing but Jesus matters.)

great service we closed with

Great is Thy Faithfulness -Brewster arr.

How was your Sunday?

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we had another good week at FUMC Lufkin.

the weekend started off on Friday with some great youth activities and our worship team had a Beatle’s RockBand party.  the chile was excellent and so was the company.  i love my team.

around 300 in attendence on Sunday and we only have 354 chairs.

we kicked off with

Undignified-Crowder arr. (it got people moving.  love that arrangement)

Opportunities for Witness and Service

Greeting Time

Glory to God, Forever-Fee/Beeching (our church is really singing this song.  it’s exciting to hear them sing “Yeah You were, Yeah You were.”)

Our Lay Leader Jody Anderson got up to talk about stewardship using the story of Elijah in the cave.

Glorious One-Fee (this was for the offering, but people were beginning to sing it so that is awesome)

Sermon-How Can I Become The Person I Was Meant To Be?  (Pastor Nick talked about attitude.  great sermon)

Communion-Shine Your Light On Us-Robbie Seay  (i love this song, and thought it went really well in this setting.  the band hit it clean out of the park and i thought it made for one of those holy moments)

Great Is Thy Faithfulness-Brewster arr. (invitation)

Great service with great people. i feel blessed to be part of what God is growing here at our church.

what we sang this week…

this post is part of the Sunday Setlists series over at Fred McKinnon’s Blog


we had a great Sunday.

there were lots of moving parts and the service went together very smoothly.  i thank God for that.  we weren’t able to have a normal rehearsal due to lots of our people traveling for business this week.  God is always amazing.  He takes our fish and loaves and makes a miracle.

All Over the World-Redman

Opportunities for Witness and Service


Greeting Time

New Doxology-Gateway Worship

Glory to God Forever-Fee/Beeching

Video-The Plate (great video on giving and what putting money in the plate provides)

Glorious One-Fee (offering)

Sermon-The Price of Following Jesus (Pastor Nick)

Jesus Paid it All-Nifong arr (invitation)

the people really sang out again today.  it’s a joy and blessing for me to be able to hear them sing the songs that God prompts us to sing.  it was good to have Pastor Nick back today.  he was on vacation and then battled the East Texas crud for a few weeks.  great sermon on commitment today.

please remember to pray for St. John’s United Methodist Church in Texas City, TX.  Their church building burned to the ground a few weeks ago.  The Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church is taking up an offering to help them. please contact the conference if you would like to help.

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it was a good week at FUMC Lufkin.  i was out last week and Chris Caraway and my team did an awesome job.  it was good to be back.  had some people out due to sickness, family emergencies and vacation, but the band and tech team did a great job.

Song of Hope-Seay (our church loves this song.  i love to hear them sing the bridge where it goes Hallelujah sing.)

Opportunities for Witness and Service


All Because of Jesus-Fee (they really sing with us on this song)

Glory to God, Forever-Fee/Beeching

Glorious One-Fee (offertory) (we did this one in C.  D is too high for the congregation and B is too low for me to actually hit some of the notes.  our pianist requested this one a while back.  she has been dealing with her aging mother’s health, and has just come to church the last two sundays and worshipped in the congregation, so i thought it would be a good time to introduce it to the church)

Sermon-Are You Trustworthy? (Pastor Mike pinch preached for Nick who was dealing with a major sinus infection.  great sermon on stewardship)

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) Watts/Tomlin (invitation)

it was great to be back to worship with our family.  lots of new faces in the crowd this week.  praying that God would begin to draw all men to Him as we strive to lift up His name.

Worship Postfessional…

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It was Labor Day weekend, but our congregation didn’t drop off much.  We had a lot of visitors.

We were short handed in the booth and on stage.  People on vacation and a few dealing with family things.  I felt it was still a great service.

We opened with

Let God Arise-Tomlin

Opportunities for Witness and Service

Greeting Time

since it was a communion Sunday, i led them in the prayer of St. Francis before we moved to the next song


Glory to God, Forever-Beeching/Fee (offertory, the encouraging thing was when a whole row of Middle School students stood on their own to sing this song.  nobody else stood, but it didn’t matter.)

Sermon-Rest in God (Pastor Mike did a great job, his mic went out about 3 minutes in, so he just went without.  it worked well.  great sermon)

Communion-Carried to the Table-Mooring/Hindalong/Byrd (this is the first time i’ve done communion where we sang over them and just let them commune and not have to worry about words or anything.  it was a nice moment)

You Alone-Crowder (invitation)

with the exception of the mic issues, this was a really good Sunday.  Hope yours was as well.

Worship Postfessional…

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We had another great Sunday.  Pastor Nick was on vacation so Pastor Mike preached and since he was doing the first immersion baptism in our building, he wanted to build the service around “living water”.

last week the task was given to me to find a suitable tank to immerse someone in.  i found a RubberMaid 300 gallon tank that did just the trick.

i built the media shout with lots of water backgrounds and the altar had a fountain on it with some great flowing white material.  it looked very nice.

we opened with

Majestic-Lincoln Brewster (we used the iWorship Flexx video with this, and it seemed to work pretty good.  the congregation was ready to sing again this Sunday.  it’s so great to have them be excited to worship our great God)

Welcome/Opportunities for Witness and Service/Greeting Time

Everlasting God-Brown/Brewster arr. (thought they really got into this one)

God of This City-Passion arr. (we haven’t sung this in a few months, but you wouldn’t know it.  i nearly lost it myself as our congregation sang with all their hearts.  this song means something to the people of a small city that know they CAN make a difference.  great holy moment)

All Who Are Thirsty-Brown/Kutless arr. (it was pretty much a Brenton Brown/Lincoln Brewster day.  Pastor had requested a baptism song and this one had been on my heart.  we sang it as the offertory, but after the bag had passed, they were on their feet singing “Come Lord Jesus come, and then we switched to “Holy Spirit come” and brought that down to just voices, another great holy moment)

Sermon-Where Do You Get That Living Water?

Baptism-this was a wonderful moment.

Come Ye Sinners-Robbie Seay (pastor asked people to come up and touch the water to remember their own baptism.  many people did.  it was neat to see parents bring their children up to dip their hands in the water. we had 3 people join the church.  it was a great day)

Worship Confessional…

this post is a part of Sunday Setlists over at Fred McKinnon’s blog!


we had a great Sunday.  it was the day before school started back and we had a great crowd.

We did an opening song this week again, and it rocked.  we had no technical issues and my goodness, the people sang.

Undignified-Redman (Crowder arr) this song was so fun and though it was unfamiliar to some of the crowd, they were really into it, and i was worn out at the end.

Opportunities for Witness and Service

Third Grade Bible Presentation/Children’s Time

Welcome and Greeting

All Because of Jesus-Fee (this song ROCKED!!  the congregation was really singing and the energy level was just electric)

Wonderful Cross-Watts/Tomlin/Walt/Reeves (our bass player David did a wonderful job on the intro for this)

Glory to God Forever-Beeching/Fee (second week for this and we invited them to sing at the end.  as a side note that afternoon at home, my 9 year old was in the kitchen singing “Take my life and let it be all for You and for Your glory, take my life and let it be Yours”)

Sermon-(it was untitled, but Nick challenged us to do something extraordinary.  to see possibilities instead of obstacles)

Take My Life And Let It Be-Tomlin arr (we let our other acoustic player Danny go on this one and he did not disappoint.  April sang lead and i picked up the chorus.  it was a wonderful way to end our service)

i really appreciate and love my team.  i had a comment this past week from a  guest who was in town doing a seminar for the UMC that he enjoyed the authentic nature of the service and my leadership being authentic in that.  i told him that every person on our stage and in our booth is authentic and that is what he saw.  i’m so thankful i get to serve with such humble, God-soaked people.  it’s a pleasure.

Sunday Setlist…

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We had an interesting Sunday this week.  Some staff stuff is happening, so there was a buzz all over campus.  Information being traded, gossiped, refuted.  i was praying it wouldn’t be a distraction.

i decided that the instrumental opener didn’t work very good last week.  some people are just walking in, but some people are there and ready to go, so we started early and added a song.  i felt it worked great.

I Am Free-Egan/Promise Keepers arr.

Opportunities for Witness and Service

Children’s Time

Marvelous Light-Hall

Everlasting God-Brown/Lincoln Brewster arr

All Because of Jesus-Fee (we play this with a loop, and someone unintentionally switched wires around between rehearsal and service and so the click was playing in the house.  after our 2nd try, i said scrap it, we’ll go on, and we did.  those things happen, but it’s all good)

Glory to God Forever-Fee/Beeching (introed this as the offering, then invited the congregation to sing on the chorus.  i can see this one being one we sing together.)

Sermon-Doing Big Things for God


our people sang today and we had a great prayer response at the altar.  Jinx was subbing on guitar again, and played some great stuff, we also  had some guests from another church in the area who are doing a contemporary service on Wednesday nights, and enjoyed visiting with them.

What we grooved to on Sunday…

this post is part of the Sunday Setlists over at Fred McKinnon’s blog.


we had a great day.  our good friends the Methvin’s were in town and they came to church with us.  they had not been in a service that i had led, so that was cool to have them there.

we’ve been playing with the order of worship to see if we can create a better flow.  we started with an instrumental of one of the songs we were doing, and i found out that a lot of our people are up and ready to sing while the rest are still talking and coming in.  there was confusion, but that is ok because it causes us to grow.

we did announcements, children’s & welcome time up front, then launched into our worship set.

New Doxology-Gateway Worship

Majestic-Lincoln Brewster

Revelation Song-Jennie Lee Riddle (i sang it because all of our vocalists were out.   it went well)

All Because of Jesus-Fee (offertory)


Amazed-Jared Anderson (invitation)

we had two families join the church and it was a great day of worshipping with FUMC Lufkin.

we had a worship team party titled German Fest in the evening.  AMAZING food, beverages, and community with the people i love like family.  the German roast beef, brats, and beer bread were insane.  i’m still full.  i love my team, and it was good to celebrate life with them last night.