Happy Groundhog Day

my wife and daughter and i are really enjoying MTV’s new show “My Life As Liz”

this weeks episode was all about Liz fighting the popularity system and singing in the school talent show.  she sang “The Funeral” by Band of Horses, and did awesome.

kinda poor video quality, and for some reason it’s backwards.

i think i’ve said before…

i’m a sucker for science shows (interesting ones that actually prove something) and documentaries.  i would love to sit around and have a nice adult beverage with Morgan Spurlock and talk about life and documentaries.  if i knew anything about filmaking, i would try to be a documentarian, but alas with no camera and no idea what i’m doing, i’ll just enjoy the shows.

i have a new show that just came on this week.  it’s called Time Warp!  very cool premise.  these two guys take HD cameras and film stuff like people breaking cinder blocks, and the mentos with diet coke guys.  then they slow it down to show you what’s actually happening that is faster than the eye can see.  it’s mesmerizing.  maybe they should shoot some David Blaine tricks (well not that crappy upside down take off into the night craziness), but the stuff where he pulls the head off of the chicken.

so check it out.  it’s on the Discovery Channel.  Where you can also find another one of my guilty pleasures…

Cash Cab.

please continue to pray for me to get a new job.