The Sing Off

One of the highlights….

of the Sing Off for me was this performance.  now i definitely think that Committed deserved to win and i loved every performance they had.  they were amazing singers, arrangers and their musicality and range was huge.

that being said, i connected on an artistic level with Street Corner Symphony.  i loved all of their songs choices (i even enjoyed the performance of “Hey Soul Sister” one of my most hated songs ever)  but this, this proved that these guys are amazing artists.

Groove for Thought….

should not have gone home on The Sing Off last night.  They were quite possibly the most musical and technically gifted singers on the show, but because they weren’t cute college boys (i.e. On the Rocks) they were sent packing.  Luckily Streetcorner Symphony and Committed are still in the hunt.  i have to say i was a little disappointed that the judges let G4T go.  of course if they let America vote now, it would be between the Backbeats and On The Rocks which doesn’t do anything to further artistry from the “four on the floor 3 note melody trash” that is currently the popular music trend.  hopefully the boys from Oregon will go home tomorrow night and let the big boys hammer it out.

speaking of Ben Folds…

my two favorite performances from the Sing-Off this past Monday had to be Streetcorner Symphony(an homage to Rob Thomas perhaps)  and Committed.  This show was pretty good last season, but the groups this season are more diverse and in my opinion better overall.