video guided tour.

and the final part of the tour…

the last part of the video guided tour of FUMC Lufkin.

i forgot my key….

btw, if you want to make some cool photo slideshows with music, check out


more footage of the workplace…


here we go with more of my guided tour from FUMC Lufkin.  again, i’ll just give you part of the tour and save some more for later.  enjoy.

be sure and listen closely so you don’t mistake what i say.

and an addendum….

stay tuned for the conclusion…

so if you ever wondered about where i am….

i thought i would take one of our Flip cams and shoot a little footage around the campus….

now since i’m ADD, i won’t make you, my cherished readers sit through a long video.  nope, i broke it into a few videos. i’ll put three up today(but only because i ran out of batteries right in the middle of the second one.

so enjoy…

part 2…

and after a battery change….part 2 continued

i’ll post some later.