World Cup

two great shoe commercials

from this last World Cup.

i was thinking about the brilliance of shoe marketing this morning driving in as my 14 year old was telling me how they were reading the Jesse Owen’s story.  i told her that Jesse Owens wore Adidas in the 1936 Berlin Olympics because Adi Dassler the founder of the company gave them to him.  he traveled to Berlin to find the sprinter because he knew that he would win and the three stripe pattern would be seen in newspapers all over the world. he did this at great risk because of Hitler’s hatred for the African Americans.  basically it was the first endorsement of an athlete by a shoe company. free advertising shall we say.  so i thought i would post two of my favorite commercials from shoe companies.

1st up Nike

and then Adidas

which one is your favorite?

i’m really excited…

what started my excitement was this.

then i saw this.

yes, it’s the World Cup.

i enjoy Soccer (or futbol as it’s called in the rest of the world) in 2006 i watched many of the WC games.  there was this amazing national fervor from the teams competing that i found fascinating.  one of my favorite things was during the pregame introductions when the teams(and the crowds) would sing their national anthems.  amazing.

(side note: i think it’s a shame that American athletes in international competitions rarely sing the Star Spangled Banner.  that should be required homework to be on the national teams.  i’m not a zealous flag waving patriot, but if you are going to represent my school or my country, you’d better know the song)

i’m hoping to watch at least a game or maybe even two with my good buddy Kit Taupin.  Kit will be rooting for his beloved English Footballers, while i of course will be pulling for Team USA.  in our discussions about soccer, terminology often comes up that maybe would be confusing for the casual American soccer fan, so i thought i would include some European (British) soccer terms so that we all might understand better.


pitch=the field





boots=soccer cleats





treble=winning 3 trophies in one season.

and speaking of  “treble’s”, here is a short video of Argentinian star Milito scoring the two goals in Inter-Milan’s UEFA Cup win over Bayern-Munich.  enjoy,  especially the “Goooooooooooaaaaaaaallllllll!!”

so this girl from UNM is a bruiser…

this might be the most blatant exhibition of unsportsmanlike conduct i have ever seen.

and during the match only a yellow card was given.  unreal.

and then there is this.

sorry about the music on that one….

absolute travesty for the fans of Ireland!!

Soccer is having a bad month!!